Michelle’s cases have been reported in top Toronto media publications, including the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun. She has written for the Brampton Guardian and appeared on TVO, the Agenda. She was recently invited to speak on the subject of RCMP overreach and the government’s new proposed legislation on extreme intoxication by the CBC.

Michelle In The Media


Criminal cases tossed due to court delays.

Court backlogs and chronic underfunding are leading to a surge in dismissed cases, prompting concerns about fairness and public safety.

Fairchild TV explores the legal aid backlog and its impact on Canadians.

Michelle shares her insights with Fairchild TV on the legal aid system in Canada. She talks about the financial eligibility criteria for legal aid, the implications of pleading guilty, and the right of the defendant to a speedy trial. Additionally, she highlights the effect of legal aid funding on young lawyers and the backlog of cases.

Liberals release bail reform bill

Our overcrowded provincial institutions don’t serve defendants properly by not giving them access to rehabilitation programs for treatment they require. Traffic in Toronto is about to get worse – we’ll explain why. And, air travelers on edge as WestJet pilots threaten to walk off the job.

Feds table bail reform targeting repeat violent offenders

Justice Minister and Attorney General David Lametti is proposing changes to Canada’s bail system in response to several cases of people accused of commiting violent crimes while out on bail. Touria Izri looks at the planned reforms and the potential consequences.

Calls for bail reforms after death of police officers

Defendants in violent cases are denied bail even after Bill C75 in 2018 relaxed bail conditions


Bill C-28
Extreme Intoxication Ruling

The Federal government tabled a bill in a bid to eliminate ‘self-induced extreme intoxication’ as a defence. Criminal lawyer Michelle Johal joined CBC News Network moments after the announcement, for some context and analysis.


We woke up to find police in our home, N.L. woman says

A Mount Moriah, N.L. family says their privacy was invaded by two RCMP officers who entered their home unannounced and questioned their young daughter about a missing girl early Sunday morning.


The GTA's Impaired Driving Problem Not the Way to Get Home

For Decades Now, The Message Has Been Loud And Clear: Don’t Drink And Drive. But Judging By The Rates At Which People Are Charged In This Province, Some People Still Don’t Get It…


Proposed bail reforms

The Justice Minister wants to make it harder – for people accused of violent crimes to get out on bail. We hear two different takes – on whether the government really struck that balance.

News Articles

Michelle has been asked to provide her legal opinion to local news articles.

Here are some recent stories:

Feds propose more bail restrictions; reverse onus targets repeat violent offenders who use weapons

Responding to pressure to tighten bail from the provinces, police and public following recent high-profile killings…

A judge is deciding whether this domestic abuser should be designated a dangerous offender

The Crown is taking the unusual step of seeking a dangerous offender designation for a man whose criminal record is relatively modest when compared to other dangerous and long-term offenders.

Freelance court interpreters hold rally outside Brampton courthouse, demanding wage increases

Freelance court interpreters have started the year off by enacting job action, calling for a decade-long wage increase and other benefits, which they say was their only option to better their work environments.

What are your rights under laws imposed to stop coronavirus spread?

Police and provincial offences officers are now responsible for responding to calls related to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act — the “Act” — invoked by the Province of Ontario and as well as ensuring the public’s general compliance with it.

Here's a primer on Canada’s new impaired driving laws

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely heard that as of December 18, 2018 the law changed dramatically as it relates Criminal Code drinking and driving offences.

Beyond just a criminal lawyer

Beyond just a criminal lawyer Ms. Johal is devoted to continuing legal education. She is often called upon to speak at professional development courses at various organizations including the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, the Criminal Lawyers Association, and the National Judicial Institute. She is an instructor at Osgoode Hall Law school’s Trial Advocacy course. She is the Vice President of the Criminal Lawyer’s Association. She is regularly asked to provide her analysis for media outlets including the CBC, the Agenda with Steve Paiken, CTV, Global News, and other news outlets.

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