In order to determine the cost of defending your case, I offer a free online or telephone consultation.

In most cases, my fees will depend on the complexity of your case. If a matter is resolved before a trial (i.e. the charge is withdrawn) my fees are often considerably less than if the matter were to proceed to a contested trial.

All of the cases I defend are done on a “block fee” or “flat fee” basis.

A “flat fee” is a fixed fee that allows you to know exactly how much your case will cost up front.

This fee covers all court appearances, which includes the numerous, administrative set date court appearances, reviewing Crown disclosure (the evidence the Crown intends to rely on a trial that is provided in court), pre-trial meetings with the Crown, judicial pre-trials (a meeting with the Crown and a Judge) prior to setting a trial, and appearing for your trial from the first trial date until the end of your trial.

The fees and services are always clearly set out in writing in a retainer agreement. Many clients pay their fees in installments by way of a payment plan.

In my experience “flat fees” provides certainty in knowing exactly how expensive the entire case will cost up front. There are no surprises or hidden fees with a “flat fee” arrangement.

Flat fees generally start at $5,000 plus HST for a resolution in the Ontario Court of Justice for your average criminal offence.

If you require legal representation, call Criminal Lawyer Michelle Johal today at 647-670-0116 or fill out an online inquiry form. Someone will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.



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